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Have you ever wanted to improve something about your sexual performance? You could be enjoying the sex life you have always wanted when you use one of the products from the Viaman range. Whether you are looking for a way to improve the proportions of your penis, something to support your erections or a way of prolonging your performance, there is an item amongst this collection for you.

The entire Viaman collection has been created with natural ingredients, but this doesn't mean they are lacking in any power. In fact, the original capsule based supplement was recognised as a truly potent item, when it was nominated for Adult Product of the Year at the 2013 Paul Raymond Publications Award. This is a great accomplishment in itself, but when you consider that the Viaman pills did this after only a year of being on the market, it shows you that this brand and its products really are one of a kind.

Viaman Capsules

You could improve many aspects of your virility and performance with the help of the original Viaman capsules.

Viaman Capsules
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Viaman Delay Spray

Viaman Delay Spray is one of the least messy ways you can prolong sex, you don’t even have to rub it in.

Viaman Ejaculation Control Spray
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Viaman Delay Gel

Viaman Delay Gel can hold back your orgasm, which can make for a more pleasurable and satisfying experience.

Viaman Ejaculation Control Gel
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Viaman Delay Wipes

You can fit Viaman Delay Wipes into your wallet, making it one of the most portable and discreet solutions.

Viaman Ejaculation Control Wipes
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In addition to this, when you use a natural supplement, you don't have to put up with side effects, like you do when taking most prescription medicines. As a result, you are free to just enjoy the benefits of any one of the Viaman products.

There are four items for you to choose from, based on what you are looking for.

If you would like to improve various features of sex life all at once, then Viaman pills could be ideal for you. These pills were the first in the range to be released and are still the most popular. The complex combination of plant-based ingredients in them could help to increase blood flow to your manhood.

As a result you could experience thicker and fuller looking erections, which you could have better control over as well.

The next two Viaman products in this male enhancement range have both been created to aid the delay of your orgasm, so that you can get more pleasure and satisfaction out of sex. The main difference is that one is a gel and the other is a spray. We understand that you might prefer a spray to a gel or vice versa, which is why both have been developed.

The gel and spray are both clear, settle into your skin in no time, leave no stains or greasiness on your skin and provide quick ejaculation control, so the choice really is yours.

Out last product is also engineered to extend your time in bed, but in a unique innovative way. You may well have heard about gels and sprays before, but have you ever heard of wipes that can delay your orgasm? Our unique Viaman Wipes offer the most discreet and most portable kind of control on the market. They are small enough to slot inside your wallet and then the whole wipe can be thrown away after use, so that no one can tell you have used it. is the official website for all of these male enhancement items in Europe. As a result you are guaranteed to receive nothing other than genuine, high quality goods when you order from us.