Viaman Extendor

With all precision of a finely tuned sports car and the flawless quality of a luxury watch, Viaman Extendor has been designed as one of the finest male enhancement pumps available. With unique features such as high density materials, USB charging and six different intensity settings, it is one of the most thoroughly advanced devices, but also among the most stylish as well, thanks to its iconic Viaman branding.

  • Automated, electronic vacuum pump
  • Six degrees of intensity to suit your needs
  • Superior grade ABS plastic tube that won’t crack or split
  • Built in precision scale for tracking gains
  • USB charging that is quick and easy

Using Viaman Extendor for 40 minutes, just twice a week can work in the same way as regular exercise for any other muscle. Consistent use can help contribute to better strength and size. Viaman Extendor does not require any manual pumping and is incredibly discreet, making it the most sophisticated option for all men.

    Viaman Extendor

    Male Enhancement Pump


    A highly successful British brand, which specialises in male enhancement and male endurance products. The Viaman range thinks outside the box when it comes to providing men with the reliable boost they need and offers a range of answers to common male concerns that a lot of us try to live with on a daily basis, when there is simply no need to.